Snuggle up winter is coming: Baby Moo’s

The season of fresh young baby moo’s is fast approaching. Just when it all seems wrapped up for the current season, little hints keep you honest and remind you that your a few weeks away from it all happening again

With the final cows dried off for the season it signifies a vacation break or at least that is what we are thought to believe. However, the record rainfall in April has meant many delays throughout the farm. A few weeks here and there does not seem like much at all, but the ongoing effects will be lasting for the upcoming season. Rainfall has meant the  maize being harvested had been delayed a few weeks. Soil was saturated, contractors flat out and no grass being planted. When the contractors did arrive the quality of maize had diminished drastically.

To compile problems the process of harvesting the maize was indeed long and frustrating. With certain areas not being harvested at all due to the ground conditions. With the majority of the maize finally off and the sun deciding to show itself, we had our fingers crossed that the ground would dry out in order to plant the grass. A change in fortune perhaps? However, again we were proven wrong once more with more rain.

It’s currently the 7th of May 2017 and the maize block has yet to be planted in grass. Normally you try to get the seed in the ground before the end of March to allow the warmer ground conditions to help aid the establishment of the grass. Although this has been far from a normal March or April. Climate change perhaps ? 

Drainage and fencing are the next steps before any grass is planted. Hoping this week drainage will be started and completed to enable the excess water to drain out. Fingers crossed the rain stays away !!

With time passing quickly and more maintenance required it will be a busy few weeks ahead. New bobby calf regulations introduced for the coming season means more work that needs to be completed in order to create a pen that complies with the new standards.

A week or two of sunshine would be more than ideal. Even half of ideal would be ideal! Just no rain !! The weather is always something you will here us farmers bring up. Too much rain or not enough rain. This is definitely one of those occasions. If things go well the main maintenance work will be done within 2 weeks and then we can enjoy a good break. Hopefully enough time off before the season that is baby moo’s beings.

The arrival of these baby moo’s always sneaks up and before you know it the cycle starts again. The cold winter mornings have already begun. Thankfully a few late wake ups are on the horizon saving us from frozen fingers for now, but again those #4.31am starts will be lingering close by. Never to far away ! For now a hot milo, warm bed and an 8.00am wake up time will be enjoyed.


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